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Who Is Bree

Doesn’t want to be taken too seriously. Takes her work seriously, but she is lighthearted and authentic.

Wants to make an impact on society. Bree understands the impact music can have on the world and she wants it to be positive.

She is down to earth, relatable, and living her biggest dreams but that doesn’t mean she is out of touch with reality.

Bree wants to convey that its cool to be different. Being different and unique is “normal”. Being the same is “abnormal”.

She writes, sings, AND produces. Everything Bree does is completely her work.

“Bree New Moon” is a Native American name given to her by her mother. Her unique ethnic background includes Native American, African American, Cuban, and Puerto Rican. She does not hide behind it and is proud to be herself. She wants to make it known that we can all bring something to the table. Equality, as one of her causes, is very important to Bree.

She is artist-focused – a lover not a fighter. She hopes to express her piece without being polarizing.

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